Which Brow Type Is Right For Me?

One of the most popular questions in the PMU industry is which eyebrow permanent makeup technique is the best? The truth is, they are all forms of cosmetic tattooing that deliver natural results but have two main key points that help you to choose the right technique.

Skin Type is #1 Determine

Our skin type is mainly predetermined by genetics, but the condition depends on internal and external factors: climate, stress, skin care, nutrition, water intake, lifestyle, sleep, etc. There are four main skin types:
- Normal skin type means a well-balanced skin that doesn't react negatively on internal nor external factors. It tends to be firm, with minimal fine lines and wrinkles. It's the gold standard of all skin types.
- Dry skin is used to describe a skin type that makes fewer oils than normal skin and therefore lacks the lipids to retain moisture and build a protective shield. It tends to be flaky, itchy and sensitive to any changes
- Oily skin is marked by large pores and a shiny complexion. This skin type produces extra sebum (read skin oils) that makes it prone to blackheads and pimples.
- Combination skin is the "wild card," where some areas are normal, while others are dry and/or oily, and with the signature T-zone, the strip across the forehead and the line down the nose.

If you are still not sure which skin type is yours, take THIS TEST.

Now that you're up to date and confirmed your skin type, it's time to pick the perfect eyebrow cosmetic tattooing technique.

For Normal to Dry Skin Types
Having a normal or dry skin types means your sebum production is low or just enough, therefore any eyebrow PMU procedure heals up fairly fast, maintains the "hair strokes" look and lasts the longest. Feel free to pick any technique or a combination of a few between Powder/Ombré, Shading/Strokes, and Microblading hair strokes.

For Oily, Textured, Sensitive, Thin, Retinol-Sensitive, Acne-Prone, Use Peels, Previously Had Any Permanent Makeup Skin Types
If you have an oily, textured, or acne-prone skin, thin, retinol-sensitive, acne-prone, use peels, or previously had an eyebrow cosmetic tattooing done, Powder or Ombré brows is an ideal choice. Microblading is not recommended as it will not show hair-like strokes and may look blotchy over time.

The Result You Are After Is #2 Determine

Now that the skin type is covered, what if there's a certain result you're going after? If you fall under a dry/normal skin type category, there are more options for you:
- If you are looking for a very soft and natural finish, while your brow is nice and full at the front/bulbs, and you're looking to eliminate an eyebrow pencil or powder, Powder/Ombré Brow is the best choice as well

Beautiful Brows after Semi-Permanent Brow Tattooing Procedure

- If you are looking for a natural look but still have some hair missing from the shape you're after, a Combination/Shading Technique is your best bet

Amazing Brow Transformation At the Top PMU Salon of Illinois

- If you're looking for a natural look but your eyebrow hair is sparse, light or needs a shape enhancement, Microblading hair strokes is the best option (learn more about best microblading Chicago services here)

Perfect Brows After Permanent Makeup Procedure

To sum it all up, there's a quick graph that answers any of your questions:

Still Feeling Confused?

We get it, it's complicated, and that's why Fancy Shmancy has in-person consultations. That way you don't have to second-guess your skin type or if you're not crystal-clear about the end result. No biggie, give us a call, come on over, and get everything figured out. By the way, Fancy Shamncy is offering no-obligation financing, just in case.

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