Walgreens Podcast About Cancer & Beauty with Liana Reznik

During the conversation Liana R. uncovered how the beauty industry, including Salons and Permanent Makeup (PMU) studios, are changing people's lives. The two main driving forces for any patient are support and encouragement. But the third one should be self-confidence, especially during sickening, painful, and stressful treatment, such as Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer.

Proper hygiene in nail salons and PMU (Permanent Makeup) studios is often overlooked, as explained Liana. The fact is, without systematic hygiene, the risk of cross-contamination, bacterial infection, including a virus, is extremely high.

Paramedical Tattoo Bloom

What started out as a new beauty trend in the U.S., PMU industry has been around for centuries. People all around the world are benefiting from creating natural and non-invasive looks that change lives. A fairly new sub-category is Paramedical Tattooing, designed specifically for medical purposes to improve the appearance and texture of unsightly scars from accidents and injuries, trauma and burns, stretch marks and surgical treatments.

Patients that are undergoing chemotherapy deal with hair loss in multiple ways. They can start their morning with better things to do than drawing on brows by having Microblading, Shading or a combination of both techniques It's not only aesthetics, it affects them on a very deep psychological level and helps to cope with anxiety and self-esteem. What seems as a little change for some, but a life-changer for others. Every hairstroke is recreated by hand and creates a 3-D effect, giving the appearance of real eyebrows. With the help of topical anesthetic, a custom pigment is applied to create the perfect shape and fullness.

Professional Nipple Mapping for Areola Tattoo Procedure

PMU Services: What Everyone Needs to Know

The area of patients undergoing chemotherapy is hitting home for Liana after losing a very close friend and colleague after her battle with breast cancer. This emotional connection started out as a field of lemons for Liana, that she turned into a lemonade-filled life mission: to help women to gain the confidence they deserve after a mastectomy.

Nipple tattoos and areola tattooing can help improve the appearance of both women and men who have undergone breast surgery. 3d Nipple Tattoo for Breast Cancer Patients creates an incredible look of a real nipple and feels like magic. Besides that, Scar Treatment has been in high demand: it treats scar tissue from breast lift and breast reduction and prepares the area for the upcoming PMU procedure. It uses a microneedling tool to soften scar tissue and to lighten the color, and require a series of 3-4 sessions for best results. A nipple areola correction is widely popular among women both after cancer and without health concerns. It's a three-step process that improves the overall areola and/or breast appearance: color, size and shape. A unique combination of manual techniques and camouflage transforms your nipple in multiple ways.

The most underrated treatment is the Radiation Mark Correction : technique used to restore the original color by "tattooing" an area of skin to correct color or conceal scarring. This technique can also be used to correct a tissue alteration such as lip damage, tummy tuck or areola removed during surgery for cancer. This procedure is performed by using a precision device called a medical tattoo machine, these single-use sterile pigments, well tolerated by the body, are offered in a wide range of shades to match your skin color and camouflaged to look like skin freckles.

PMU industry has been taking everyone by storm and not planning on going anywhere, especially since its large involvement in Paramedics. More people need to know about the benefits of it and always consult an experienced permanent makeup Chicago professional, like Liana Reznik from Fancy Shmancy.

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