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Realistic 3-d Nipple Tattoo Correction
Fancy Shmancy PMU is the best permanent makeup studio in Highland Park, IL
Professional Nipple Mapping for Areola Tattoo Procedure
Fancy Shmancy PMU is the best permanent makeup studio in Highland Park, IL
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Medical reconstruction, such as scar correction, mastectomy, or burn care, is life saving. But the journey of overcoming an accident, injury, or cancer is not over for the patient after surgery.

The Missing Piece of Reconstructive Surgery

Post-surgery, patients look to resume their lives by engaging in everday activities such as going to the gym, changing their clothes, or re-engaging in intimate relationships. However, there is one final missing piece. Most patients experience confidence and self-esteem issues following such medical procedures, stalling the completion of the reconstructive process.

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Add 3D Areola Tattooing to Patient Services

The final step of the breast reconstruction or mastectomy journey is a 3D areola tattoo. Help patients feel whole again by adding Fancy Shmancy’s top-rated, hyper-realistic 3D areola tattoo service to your patient services to continue care and enhance your business.

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Add Scar or Stretch Mark Camouflaging to Patient Services

After surgery—whether medical or cosmetic—patients may experience scarring or stretch marks. Assist patients in feeling their best by including Fancy Shmancy’s pigmentation or inkless scar and stretch mark camouflage services in your offerings.

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To apply for insurance, doctors must provide referral codes. Fancy Shmancy provides insurance companies with all clinic forms, procedure protocols, and a description of tools and products used. Insurance typically covers 50-100% of reconstructive medical tattooing.


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